2017 Street Sales Tax Improvements and Augusta Lake Road Paving

Separate sealed BIDS for the construction of 2017 Street Sales Tax Improvements and Augusta
Lake Road Paving will be received by the City of Augusta at the office of the City Clerk until 2:00 PM (Central Standard Time) on April 11, 2018, and then at upstairs conference room in City Hall publicly opened and read aloud.

The CONTRACT DOCUMENTS may be examined at the following locations:

Schwab Eaton - 8615 W. Frazier Lane, Suite 2, Wichita, KS 67212
City of Augusta, City Hall - 113 E. 6th Avenue, Augusta, Kansas 67010
KCNR LLC - 230 Laura, Suite 101, Wichita, Kansas 67211

Copies may be obtained at the office of Schwab Eaton (address above) or SE Plan Room.
Copies will be on a CD for a cost of$10.00, with refund of $0.00. For other project information,
please contact the Engineer.

The Owner reselves the right to waive any informalities or to reject any or all bids.
Each bidder must deposit with their bid, security in the amount, form and subject to the
conditions provided in the 'Information for Bidders'.

No bidder may withdraw their bid within 30 days after the actual date of the opening thereof.


2017 Street Sales Tax Projects - Lakeside II

2017 Street Sales tax projects

2017 Street Sales Tax Projects - Add Alternate Projects

2017 Add alternates

City Lake Road Paving Sections

Lake Road paving 1

Lake Road paving 2



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