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Sanitation and Recycling Services 

The Solid Waste Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for trash collection for the City's 3,400 residential and 120 commercial customers.  The division also operates a compost/limb drop off site for residents to dispose of compost, grass clippings, leaves, and limbs.  Compost and mulch (if available) are free to City of Augusta residents.  The City also offers a curbside recycling program for plastics, aluminum & tin, glass, paper, and cardboard.  There is a also a recycling drop off location at 400 Grove.  The City offers an e-waste recycling program (electronic materials such as computers, phones, electronic devices, etc.).  Please drop off e-waste materials at the Sanitation barn at 400 Grove on Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Holiday Schedule - Sanitation route schedules may be altered throughout the year because of New Year's Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  The City will generally post notices on the city website alerting customers of impending schedule changes.  Feel free to contact City Hall ahead of any holiday to find out if there will be any schedule variations.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q: What is the 2019 Holiday Trash Schedule?

 2019 Holiday Collection Schedule



 Q: Does the City offer a recycling program?

Yes.  The City offers a curbside recyling program utilizing 96-gallon Toter containers.  A drop-off site is also provided at the City's recycling barn located at 400 S. Grove.

Q: What materials can i recycle and how should I prepare those materials?

The City offers a curbside recycling program for the materials listed in this brochure.  Please prepare the materials as shown. 

Q: How does the City dispose of my recyclables?

The City has a contract with Stutzman Refuse Disposal to haul the materials to their processing center in Northwest Wichita. 

Q: How often will my recyclables be collected?

The City will be collecting recyclables once per week on the same day as your normal trash collection day.

Q: Where can I dispose of household hazardous waste (HHW)?

Butler County operates a household hazardous waste facility at the Butler County landfill located at 2963 SW 40th Street.  Learn More about what types of materials can be disposed of at this facility.

Q: How do I dispose of bulky items such as appliances and/or furniture?

You can dispose of these types of items through the City's landfill coupon program.

Q: Will my trash still be collected in the alleyway?

No.*  If you currently place your trash in the alley for collection, you will be required to move your trash to street.  The alleyways are too narrow and have too many obstructions to utilize the automated trash collection trucks effectively.

*Most downtown routes along State St. (Monday) south of 7th Ave./HWY 54-400 will continue to be collected in alleys. 

The automated trash truck has a single driver that controls a side arm device that reaches out and grabs, lifts and empties a rollout cart into the hopper and then returns the cart to the curb.

Q: How often will my trash be collected?

The City will collect residential trash once per week on your designated collection day.

Q: What do the carts look like, and how big are they?

About the Trash Carts

Q: Where do I place my cart?

Place your carts at the curb with at least 3 feet of separation between them, and clear of trees, shrubs, mailboxes, parked vehicles, etc.  Drivers need an unobstructed path for emptying the carts.  Carts may be placed in the curb and gutter pan as shown in the illustration below if the yard grade is too steep for carts to stand upright.  Do not block driveways or place carts out in street away from curb.

cart placement

Q: Can the cart be turned any way I want?

Your cart should be place with the wheels at your feet and the arrow on the lid facing the street.  This ensures that the automated trash truck will be able to dump the cart effectively and reduce the chance of litter.

Q: Who owns the cart?

The carts are the property of the City of Augusta.  They are to remain at the property whether you move or sell your home or move between rentals.  Serial numbers have been designated and filed for each individual cart by address.

Q: What do I do if I have things that won't fit in the cart?

Although the 96-gallon cart should be large enough for the average Augusta household, an extra cart can be issued for an additional monthly fee.  You can also dispose of excess material and bulk items using free landfill coupons available through the City's Utility Office.

Q: What if the cart is broken or stolen?

The City of Augusta Utility Office should be contacted as soon as possible.  A supervisor will examine the extent of the damage.  It will be repaired by the City if damage has occurred through normal use.  If the damage is the result of misuse by the resident, the resident may be charged for any and all repairs or replacements.  Stolen carts will be reported to the City of Augusta Public Safety Department.  Do not take the cart with you when you move.

 Q: Where should I store my cart?

When not placed out for collection, the City will require that the cart be stored either out of sight (e.g. inside a garage or shed) or behind the front line of the house.  Placement on the side of the house or behind the house is acceptable.

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