Project - South Ohio Street Reconstruction



South Ohio Street Project

Contract: $3.12 Million

Contractor: Kansas Paving

Bid Letting Date: February 2017

Construction Start: April 24, 2017

Length of Construction: 8 months (Dec 15th - Road is to be reopened); cleanup and site restoration won't likely be complete until April 2018.

General Description: 

South OhioThe proposed Ohio Street improvements will replace the existing roadway with a new three-lane street 38 feet wide with the center lane serving as a dual left-turn lane between Main and Frisco. The proposed pavement will add approximately 1 ½ feet of width to each side of the street, matching the pavement width recently constructed at the Kelly and Ohio intersection. Frisco Street will be widened between Dearborn and Main to match the current width at Dearborn and will be realigned to eliminate the current encroachment on the BNSF property.

Improvements will include new 5’ wide sidewalks on both sides of the street for the entire length of the project. Driveway approaches will be replaced to match the proposed street grades. New driveways slopes will either match existing slopes or be improved.

The improvements will also add a storm sewer system along Ohio between 12th Street and Main Street and additional storm sewer capacity south of Main Street to the outfall. The storm improvements will provide a significant enhancement to the street drainage along Ohio and will decrease the frequency and depth of flash flooding.

During construction, one lane of Ohio will remain open to vehicular traffic traveling south to north. This will allow virtually continual access to residences and businesses within the construction limits. Southbound traffic on Ohio will be required to turn left or right at Kelly. Frisco will be closed completely during portions of the construction. Temporary vehicle parking with pedestrian access will be provided for residents living along the affected portions of Frisco.




Key Contacts

Jaime Goering, Public Works Director (Primary Contact)

contactphone(316) 775-4540

contactfax(316) 775-4566

Mike Stump, Schwab Eaton, City Engineer

contactphone(316) 316-722-4472

Dennis Keegan, Right of Way Acquisition Specialist

contactphone(316) 215-3798


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Related Documents

Project Information Handout- Nov. 5th, 2015 Informational Meeting, Adobe PDF
South Ohio Street Tree Report Part 1 - Kansas Forest Service - Adobe PDF
South Ohio Street Tree Report Part 2 - Kansas Forest Service - Adobe PDF



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. When is construction scheduled to begin? [Updated]

Construction is scheduled to begin April 24, 2017.

2When was the project bid? [Updated]

KDOT opened bids for the project on February 15, 2017.

3How much is the project going to cost? [Updated]

Kansas Paving provided the low bid in the amount of $3.12 million for the project.

4Who are the contractors for this project? [Updated]

Kansas Paving is the prime contractor and will be responsible for the paving work and coordination with various subcontractors.  Dondlinger Construction will perform the underground utility work, including water and sewer repairs.  MKCS will be handling the SWPPP program for stormwater pollution and prevention during construction.  Alpha Land will handle surveying and construction staking.  Roadsafe will handle markings and signage.  Trident will be performing sod, seeding, and restoration work.

5. Will my taxes go up because of this project?  How is the city paying for this project? [Updated]

The City has been budgeting and setting money aside annually so that no debt would have to be issued for the project.  The City is paying for the project with cash on hand (approx.. $1.6 million) and cost sharing-partnership with the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT).  KDOT is providing approx. $1.5 million up front for the project and then will be collecting the City of Augusta’s annual allocations for road improvements from the Federal Government.  There will be no special assessments either.

6. What improvements are being made? [Updated]

A description of the project improvements is provided in this handout.  Since this handout was originally drafted, the City has increased the scope of the project to include complete replacement of the two water transmission mains that run north and south along Ohio Street as well.

7. What's going to happen to the trees along Ohio Street?

The roadway is going to be widened about 3 feet in most locations.  Existing trees that are in the public right-of-way easements will have to be removed as part of the project.  The City has budgeted for new landscaping to be done as part of the project.  This includes sod replacement and replacement trees for properties affected by the project.

8. What is going to happen to my driveway?

New drive entrances will be installed throughout the entire length of the corridor up to the public right-of-way line.  Driveway entrances will not be made steeper.

9. Why do so many trees have to be removed?  How will trees be removed? [Updated]

Most, if not all, of the trees located within the public road right-of-way will be removed to complete construction on the Ohio Street project.  The City asked the Kansas Forestry Service to evaluate the trees and determine their quality/condition.  The professional tree evaluator determined that most of the street trees are classified as mature or over-mature and are in a state of decline.  Most of the trees have suffered damage from storms and have limited rooting because of proximity to sidewalks, driveways, and street pavement.  Many of the trees are in a decline phase and the upcoming construction will contribute to further degradation of the health of any trees if they were to remain.  Further degradation will contribute to more damage and limb drop, which already pose a safety concern for a number of the large trees.  Beyond the health concerns for the trees, their proximity to the roadway interferes with and damages sidewalks, streets, and city utilities and creates line of site issues for traffic movements. 

Trees will be removed as determined by a licensed professional contractor qualified to safely remove trees.

10. Will trees be replaced? [Updated]

The City has budgeted to replace trees for properties that had trees removed for the project.  Landscape architects/engineers have provided a preliminary plan for replacement, including a list of 3-6 species of replacement trees that would be acceptable.  Towards the end of the construction timeframe, the City will contact property owners to discuss tree replacement.  The city would like to create agreements with property owners for replacement trees to be installed outside of the public right-of-way to limit the need for future removal for utility or street purposes.

11. Where will traffic be detoured? [Updated]

Kansas Paving will determine detour routes during construction based on construction needs and sequencing.  Initially, they have indicated that detour route for vehicles traveling southbound on Ohio to get to HWY 54/400 will be from Kelly (west) à Dearborn; Dearborn (south) à Main St; and Main St. (west) to Osage and 54/400 Highway.  

12. Will drainage/stormwater work be on both sides of Ohio?

Yes, drainage and storm sewer improvements will occur on the east and west side of Ohio Street.

13. Will the elevation of the street change?

Generally, the elevation of Ohio Street will stay as it exists today. Minor adjustments may be necessary to accomodate utilities and drainage and the street may be elevated slightly.

14. Will driveways be raised or lowered?

Driveway approaches will be replaced to match the proposed street grades.  New driveway approach slopes will either match existing slopes or be improved.

15. How will gravel drives be replaced?

All driveways impacted by the project will be replaced in kind with the exception that the approaches within the public right of way will be concrete.

16. Can we still park in the driveway?

Parking in your driveway is acceptable during most of construction with the exception of when your new drive entrance is poured and curing.  The contractor will coordinate the time during which parking will not be allowed.

17. Will new waterlines be installed? [Updated]

New water service lines will be installed to replace existing lead/lead-copper lines.  New water mains are also being installed along Ohio St.

18. Will all driveways in 1 block be closed at the same time?

The contractor will determine the extent of the driveway work and will coordinate with property owners and the City during construction.

19. How will drainage on Ohio change?

The addition of stormwater improvements (piping and inlets) will improve the drainage along the entire Ohio Street corridor.  The amount of water pooling on the roadway during large rain events will be diminished.

20. How will properties be restored?

Property will be restored to existing or better condition.  The contractor will be replacing seed/sod based on the type of grass currently on your property.

21. What if my irrigation system is in the way of construction?

City staff is working with the engineer to determine how best to handle irrigation systems within the right of way.  However, the City will not guarantee that private improvements made on public right of way will be replaced.

22. How long will utility locate flags be on my property?

Utility locate flags are extremely important during construction.  Please do not remove the flags.  The contractor will remove them as your property is restored.

23. Will side streets be improved as part of this project?  Will utilities along side streets be upgraded?  [Updated]

No, the extent of this project is along Ohio Street.  However, the improvements along Ohio Street to various utilities will provide a better backbone for future utility improvements in surrounding neighborhoods in the future.  In particular, the new water mains will provide better service and function as more reliable connection points for further improvements to side streets than the current infrastructure in the ground.    Read the project scope here.

24. What width will the new sidewalk be and where will it be located on my property? [Updated]

The new sidewalk will be 5' wide and constructed to meet ADA requirements.  In many areas along the project, the sidewalk will be located at the back of the road right of way line, which extends approximately 15-16 feet behind the curb-line.  In some locations, however, the sidewalk may be located against the back of the curb along the street because of other factors, such as grade or driveway entrances.

25. What width will the new street be?  What is the surface material for Ohio St.? [Updated]

The new street will be asphalt surface and consist of 3-lanes (including a center left-turn only lane).  The standard cross section for the street indicates it will be 38 feet wide with 11 foot driving lanes.  

26. Will existing survey monuments be restored?

Yes, the contractor will be responsible for restoring all survey monuments, including property corners as necessary during construction.



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