Park Advisory Board

The Park Advisory Board provides feedback regarding park operations and projects. Members are appointed by City Council. Citizens serve a term of three years; City Council members serve a term of one year. See Section 12-102 of the Augusta City Code for more information on the Park Advisory Board.

Park System Master PlanThe Park System Master Plan was approved by the Augusta City Council on November 1, 2021.  Read it here.

Board Members Term Expires
Logan Singhisen April 2025 
Bill Slade April 2025 
Shawn Davis April 2024
Jayme Chapin  April 2026
Jake Marr April 2024 
Eric Birk, City Councilmember April 2024
Jeff Brown, City Councilmember  April 2024

MeetingsThe Park Advisory Board meets as needed
Augusta City Hall
113 E. 6th Ave.
Augusta, KS 67010