Code Violations

You can call (316) 775-4505 during business hours (8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) to report violations or email the Code Enforcement Officer.  When reporting violations, please provide specific and detailed information, including the exact location or address and a complete description of the problem.  All information provided will be kept confidential.

Examples of Violations:

  • Open storage of inoperable vehicles
  • Grass and/or weeds on property exceeding twelve (12) inches in height
  • Ponds or pools of stagnant water
  • Limbs or parts of trees projecting over streets and sidewalks with less than fourteen (14) feet of clearance
  • Tires, old appliances, building materials, tree limbs, and piled brush
  • Landscaping, trees, or vegetation overgrown or planted in areas at intersections or growing along city streets that cause blind corners and/or obstructs the view of traffic